Smartphones Purpose-Built for Healthcare

Work Efficiently with Ruggedized Devices Running Vocera Software

Are nurses and physicians at your hospital working with consumer-grade smartphones? The Spectralink Versity and Zebra TC52-HC are purpose-built for the patient-care environment. With Vocera software applications running on these Android smartphones, your staff can access the data, teams, and tools they need to optimize communication workflows and patient safety.

Over a 5-year period, consumer smartphones cost hospitals 50% more than purpose-built devices1

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Key Advantages: Smartphones for Healthcare

Consumer-grade phones are no match for healthcare. They are fragile. Their battery cases can disintegrate from cleaning with harsh chemicals. The batteries cannot be swapped, and their scanners are too slow for big scanning tasks. See why the Spectralink Versity and Zebra TC52-HC are better.


Ruggedization to protect the phone if it’s dropped

Protective case, screen protection and single-piece construction provides peace of mind.


Plastics tolerant to infection-control chemicals

For a mobile device to meet a hospital’s infection control policies, it should have adequate ingress protection (IP) sealing to prevent chemical cleaning solutions from damaging the device.

Battery Flexibility

A hot-swappable battery for 24x7 use

Phone remains on during a battery swap so the user can stay logged in and continue to work.

Advanced Scanning Technology

A scanner designed for moderate to heavy use

Designed for industrial use from stocking a medication dispensing cabinet, processing specimens in a lab and more.

Spectralink Versity Smartphone

  • Sleek & Light
  • Rugged
  • Unmatched Wi-Fi Voice Quality

Explore Spectralink Versity Smartphone

The Versity offers a 5.2” touch display, Spectralink Voice Quality Optimization technology, and optional integrated 1D and 2D barcode scanner. With Vocera® software applications running on the Spectralink Versity smartphone, your staff can access the data, teams, and tools they need to optimize communication workflows and patient safety.

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Zebra TC52-HC Smartphone

  • Powerful
  • Ruggedized
  • Enterprise Class

Explore Zebra TC52-HC Smartphone

The TC52-HC is a pocket-sized smartphone that features a 5-inch touch panel display, front-facing camera, and integrated 2D barcode scanner.

Zebra TC52-HC Smartphone plus brief

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1Mobile Device TCO Models for Line of Business Solutions, Volume 1/Track 7: Enterprise Mobile Device TCO; VDC Research Group, Inc.; Mobile and Wireless Practice; February 2013